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Apple hits Facebook where it hurts (and nothing about the Banking Royal Commission)

This Week – Apple hits Facebook where it hurts and Northern Land Council in turmoil


Facebook Business-as-Usual affected by Apple lockout

Facebook has had its business-as-usual operations interrupted following a stoush with Apple. The social media giant has been accused by Apple of using its platforms to run previously banned programs that collect intimate phone data from teens as young as 13, a clear breach of Apple’s privacy policy. The result has been a revocation of access to Apple platforms, reportedly creating chaos at Facebook.

  • Apple is reported to have withdrawn Facebook’s access to a program that allows trusted companies to disseminate apps without going through the Apple review process. They have accused Facebook of running an app that paid users, including teenagers, to comprehensively track their phone and web use.

  • The shutdown reportedly halted Facebook app development and hampered employees from using basic internal apps. Facebook was reportedly unable to test versions of new unreleased apps and crippled employee communications, affecting the internal versions of its Facebook, Workplace and Messenger apps.

  • It is not surprising that Facebook has been actively attempting to track trends, as their popularity amongst US teens has dropped from 71% in 2015 to 51% in 2018.

  • This incident raises numerous issues for contemplation, particularly for enterprises that rely heavily on third-party providers for their operations.

  • What occurs when a third-party company affects a critical function of your organisation?

  • What safe guards does your organisation have in place to ensure business continuity and when to enact your business continuity plan?

  • Who in your organisation has the authority to make decisions regarding key external stakeholders, such as third-party suppliers or service providers?


Northern Land Council in ongoing internal turmoil

The launching of a ministerial investigation is the latest in a series of events plaguing the Northern Land Council following the appointment of the organisation’s third CEO in four months.

  • The NLC is one of the nation's most powerful indigenous bodies, representing traditional owners on land rights, housing and health. Recently, relations between the board and key staff have broken down.

  • Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister has launched an investigation into concern about the governance of the NLC following accusations that the organisations executive management team has ‘lost its way’.

  • Bizarrely, it has been reported that NLC executives blocked entry to the building of the latest CEO claiming they had not been formally informed of his appointment. This comes as NLC councillors accused some executives of ‘feeling they are a power amongst themselves’. One stated: "they feel they can do whatever they want and have no qualms about doing it and not answering to us as councillors."

  • While the Council's latest chief executive has vowed to fix the crisis at the organisation, it appears he will have a considerable task to change the culture and rebuild the trust between councillors and management.


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