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Developing organisational cultures where all risks are fully contextualised or conceptualised, and your leadership team is prepared for the realisation of key strategic risks


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Does your organisation have a risk management culture?


Are you prepared for the realisation of key strategic risks?


Talk to us about building a risk management and crisis ready culture within your organisation.



Providing comprehensive solutions to ensure your organisations is prepared to deal with any crisis
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  • Giving leaders the skills, tools and experience to navigate through adversity. 

  • We pride ourselves on preparing  leadership teams for considered, deliberate and calm responses, when it counts.

  • Ensuring organisations have a plan to identify and react to issues that can impact on their people, operations, reputation and mission.

  • Assisting leaders to make timely, transparent and well-considered decisions when the unexpected occurs.

  • Using The Trebuchet Pivot™ methodology we guide leadership teams to make clear-eyed decisions in times of ambiguity and confusion.

  • Ensuring complex stakeholder bases remain engaged and steadfast through any organisational or industry turbulence.  

  • Providing an independent review and assessment of your current posture and ability to react to a crisis incident.

  • In extremis, comprehensive support in the event of a crisis situation. Our team of experts are standing by.


Experience you can trust when everything is at stake

At Trebuchet Pivot we understand that reputational, operational, regulatory, political risks and stakeholder perception can have significant impact on not-for-profit organisations and industry sectors, big or small. 

At our heart we understand the need to empower not-for-profit leaders to navigate complex stakeholder landscapes and regulatory requirements, while remaining focused on their strategic objectives and mission.  

Trebuchet Pivot brings together a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the not-for-profit sector and what it takes to lead through adversity. 

The Trebuchet Pivot

... the counterweight to move your organisation forward during a siege ...

Over several years of development we have created The Trebuchet Pivot™, a structured process that will guide leadership teams to ensure timely, transparent and appropriate response when the unexpected occurs.

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Allow us to be your trusted partner

to ensure your leadership team can successfully navigate any crisis

About Us

Managing Director

Heading the Trebuchet Pivot team; author, speaker and leader, Garth Callender has lived and managed some of the most extreme crises across the globe. He has experienced first-hand how the impact of a crisis can be minimised by well-prepared teams and effective decision-making.

Garth led teams in the Australian Army for over 20 years during which time he commanded soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, Garth has worked with numerous not-for-profit and peak body boards and executive teams, often with complex stakeholder landscapes. He has prepared hundreds of leaders to effectively manage crisis events.  

Garth holds a Master of Business Administration, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a published author. He devotes much of his spare time to roles on boards of not-for-profits and statutory bodies. 

Garth is committed to helping not-for-profit organisations protect themselves, their members and their beneficiaries during times of uncertainty and turbulence. 

Nathalie Callender is the Global Operations Director at Trebuchet Pivot. Based in Vancouver Canada she implements operational strategy in support of overarching Trebuchet Pivot goals.

An experienced non-executive director, business executive and entrepreneur, Nathalie has built numerous businesses and supported even more to ‘stay the distance’. She thrives on inspiring and supporting leaders to use more of their talents, skills and strengths to achieve their goals.

She brings a wealth of business experience from her work in Australia as CEO of BookSmart Business Solutions and leadership roles in the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.  Now in Canada she divides her time between her roles on the Board of PAL Vancouver, as Director of Innovation and Marketing for North Shore ConneXions Society and as Global Head of Operations for Trebuchet Pivot.

Nathalie enjoys staying in touch with global business trends including new technologies and social media in order to instigate smarter and simpler ways of doing business.

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Global Operations Director

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